Redux — Outside, Inside, Cope, Persevere

Words to the page to chronical this time, find some pause, some answers.

Never before have we been in a place like this, time like this, everything upside down, uncertain.

Think about what’s outside, what’s inside. That’s for each of us, and practically too,

inside our home, outside too.

Told to stay inside, keep your distance, slow the spread, a novel strain washing over the earth.

When will it end, how will it end?

Inside it gets smaller, living with others or living alone, full-time, new, difficult to navigate.

Inside us too, each of us in our mind, searching for new order, balance, pace, what are the rules now? How to navigate.

Unsettled, uncertain, certainly tough, tough to manage, toughness needed,

mental toughness, like maybe never before,

For us anyway, our time, and those younger, Millennials,

younger still, kids, just coping, all of us just coping,

an hour at a time, a day,

Let’s get through this,


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