COVID Muse: Loosening and Tightening

Consider this quarantine we’ve been under, this time like no other. In my lifetime, it hasn’t happened. Day Forty-Something, I’m not even sure anymore. The first full month complete, this we know. The order just came down, it will be another month for us to mostly “shelter-in-place.” We know that now too. Are things getting tighter? More restrictions? Another month?!  It seems so; but within the order, some loosening; some tentative steps forward, to let more happen, let more people do what then need to do. To earn, to live, to survive. Millions of people need work, millions lost, hopefully this will part of a path to loosen the noose around their necks. Loosen so they can ease their tightened belts, find a way forward, survive. We’re all striving that way, trying to stay sane, adjusting, adapting, making the best of it. I count myself lucky. And most everyone I know the same. We can continue to earn, more secure, even in the uncertainty. Stay home, stay healthy, be careful, be resilient.  Make the most of the upsides, they’re there. Listening to more music. Keeping things more tidy. Spending more time time with the kids. Helping them, the chance to help them more, each day. More time in the yard, on the stoop, more time for more walks, down the street, around the block.  More time together, more time to appreciate, slower, controlled, but manageable. Lucky. Me and my family, folks like us, we are damn lucky. So pass along the good when we can, do a little more, give a little more when we can, each time, give each time, help each time. Do so. Then do it again. And again. As things loosen, we’ll need to be tightening other things. Our habits, our daily practices, tighten up just a bit; and loosen, loosen to make more room, for better attitudes, for others, and for time with those that matter, it all matters, you, we matter. My favorite hashtag from this time, there are many, but my favorite: #InThisTogether

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