The Spirit Gives Life

“This saying is hard, who can accept it? …It is the Spirit that gives life, while the flesh is of no avail.”

These snippets from the Book of John lay out a fundamental guideline of faith; trust in the Spirit, in the conscience that is deep within you where the Spirit speaks.

Yet it is very hard, when the vast majority seek creature comforts, material things that are pretty and shiny and new. Yes indeed it’s difficult.

All the same, this way is the manner of life we are called to, this is the manner of life He taught us to favor, the voice we ought to listen to. That of the Spirit, that should be our guide, and not merely whatever advantage we can game.

And the reward? The reward is the experience itself, knowing you are doing what is right and just and good. Indeed, to be aligned with the Spirit, that is truly living this gift of life we have been given.

Let our actions reflect our gratitude. Let our actions reflect our maker, the Spirit who dwells within, and everywhere. And always. AMEN.

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