Hot Seat

A couple warm days, over 90 F, here where we live. In my garage office, the fan gives just enough breeze to mediate the heat, but still it’s a little rough.

The warm days will cool end of week though, and it will be a little more bearable.

But in America right now, there’s a different kind of heat we can’t see the end to; in the world right now we’re coping with a pandemic that spans the globe.

Politics and protests, COVID and other diseases wash over the world, how to cope?

I’m not sure, quite frankly. But I know we have to; we have to cope and work to make it safer and better, our lives, together. We have to find new ways to fix old problems, and new ones too.

We’ll get out of the hot seat eventually.

Mean time?

Patience, Fortitude, Grit.

Well applied each day.

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