Spool Up

I love this term. Maybe I like it because it’s sometimes used to reference an aircraft engine warming after being turned on. At least, that’s what’s in my head… : – )

I looked it up, so for all my engineer / machine-thinking friends, I found this, related to “turbo power”:

Turbo spool time is the time it takes for the turbocharger to charge until the engine reaches full turbo pressure. The turbo spool time can often be confused and mixed up with the turbolag, but actually they are two completely different terms.”

So in the context of this week? The term “spool up” comes to mind as to how the human brain adjusts when one goes back to work. After all, when you’re in vacation mode and being off for a bit, you thus haven’t had to think about professional topics, matters, issues, problem-solving, etc.

For a lot of us, work is typified by email communication. Emails carry information, tasks, request for assistance, the whole gamut of work activities in a tidy list. Sometimes, it’s a very long list. I’m not sure how my inbox measures up to my peers at my work, let alone my friends who do similar White-collar work.

I actually think 369 emails, after being off for more than 10 days, isn’t all that many. That’s my sense from hearing people talk about how many emails they have to deal with every day.

Nonetheless, 369 of anything is quite a few.

And that’s what I faced when I turn on my work machine this morning before the sun came up, getting back to work after being on PTO for a bit.

Some (many?) folks might go through email the night before, to get a head start. People even do that on the weekend, in effort to “stay on top of things”, etc.

At least this time, I chose not to get a head start. My mind was clear and ready when I woke up, and after the usual morning routine, I opened the Inbox. And?


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