Ordinary Time

If you check out this blog periodically, you might notice Sundays of late, I’ve had some reference / little lesson or take I’ve picked up from a weekend Bible reading.

This time around, I’m just thinking about Ordinary Time; I think the Church uses this term to reference the time between Easter and Christmas seasons.

What I’m thinking about is the term “ordinary”; this time with COVID-19, this time is anything but ordinary. All things related are similar. Life doesn’t seem ordinary.

At least part of the response is to do little things that make this time a little extra-ordinary. Like camping in the backyard.

We’re at it again this weekend. And s’mores over a charcoal grill. A little extra-ordinary in an all very ordinary, somewhat messy, run-of-the-mill suburban backyard.

And what do we find? A little variety. A little excitement for the kids, a change of pace. A little break for Mom, who’s sleeping in the house. A new appreciation for the sounds of the neighborhood at night, and early morning too.

All from a backyard campsite for the weekend. Anything but ordinary.

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