Words: Attitude & Spirit Fortitude

No big revelation, I think that on the regular: I’m not like most folks. I fall into the lyrics of songs pretty easy.

That’s part of why I post lyrics so often. Easy share, easy way to let you in; if you want in, that is.

So this isn’t a regular lyrics post; more of a little explanation on the why.

And so this one from last week, this FB post…

This in my head when I woke up: “…it’s not as if this baracade, blocks the only road, it’s not as if you’re all alone, in wanting to explode, someone set a bad example, made surrender seem alright, the act of a noble warrior, who lost the will to fight…” — Truly, Neil Peart’s lyrics will live on forever. #gratitude

An expression of commonality of struggle. Naming the struggle. and a nudge forward. A nudge to never give up.

These little nuggets of fortitude I often get from the lyric of song.

What fortifies you?

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