Walk In Peace, Five Lessons

That phrase, “Walk In Peace”, seems a little (or maybe a lot?) over the top, philosophical, high-minded, maybe unachievable. It’s so simple. And yet so hard to do sometimes.

I think motion helps us find peace. I think motion helps create peace, sometimes. And thinking about my days most mornings, if it includes a walk with the dogs, that creates a better start to the day.

This morning was no exception; in fact, it might have been an exception, in the positive. Somehow I found particular peace, particular confidence, very early.

As I walked along in the predawn half-light, I watched the dogs crisscross the sidewalk, to black images across grey pavement, sniffing left, then sniffing right, then left again. I thought about how these two dogs of ours approach life; yet again, a dog-owner gleans insight from their canine companion.

Each day, look forward to what you’ll eat, whatever it is.

Drink water often and plentifully.

Stretch your body whenever you get up.

Check in with your people.

Walk around and check things out every day.

Those five tips? A baseline for more peace in your day. Each day. And those can be the foundation. Those can be the baseline from which you do everything else to which you aspire.

Listen, Learn, Let’s Go.


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