This word rolling through my head, several images, thoughts coming to mind.


Hmm, maybe it’s the opposite: Several images, thoughts rolling through my head, and this word comes to mind.

Another dinner gone sideways, everyone animated about things mostly other than the plate of food in front of them. Stumble, struggle through — I do, everyone else on their own — and then I’m in the kitchen doing dishes while the meal-time silly melee continues.

I’m on the edge.

Should I be a hard-ass about all this behavior that’s so counter to what seems reasonable to me? Or should I just roll with it, kids will kids, last weekend before school (no lie though, it’ll be the same behavior next week too), everyone having fun, Dad, don’t be a grump…

So I sit on the edge for a while wit h those feelings, a few seconds anyway…then I think of The Edge, and U2, and the album “Rattle and Hum” — that proves to be my salvation. I grab my headset, find the album on Apple Music, and let it fly. As the songs tick through, as I wash the dishes, I care less about being on the edge.

Music has that effect on me, at least it did tonight. It took me away from the edge; it took me to a place thinking less about the struggle that was going on in my head; it took me back thirty years to how I felt about the music I was listening to, swept me up back in time, away from the edge.

Until next time.


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