Back At It

A little longer stretch, a little gentler start as we kick back into the “new normal” after the three-day weekend capped by the Labor Day holiday. The kids back to distance learning. The adults back to work-from-home. Easy does it.

I think about the riders in the Tour de France, entering their second week of the three-week race. They’re racing a 170 km on Tuesday. Their already in one of the biggest, longest, most grueling races in the world. A Grinder, to be sure. Add COVID protocols, all the more challenging. It’s been a tough race so far, with plenty of crashes, and some riders already crashing out.

So when I think about heading back to work, to the daily grind here at home…well, while it’s all relative, I, we’ve got it pretty good. Help ourselves start the day with the right attitude. Help the kids do the same. Stay hydrated. Stay invigorated.

Now, if these fires in the area would subside, and the heat-wave would break…then I might call it…wait for it…it’s really no surprise…GOOD.

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