On Track

How do you stay on track?

Time is the obvious reference. How long does it take to complete a task? How much time do you have?

That’s the guide we might often use. Our gauge to “percentage completed.” And then when we fall behind, we go back and consider…

What can I do differently to get back on track? The assumption is, if you’re behind your targeted timeline, you’re “off track.”

But maybe this isn’t the sole measure. Maybe it’s not the most meaningful way to evaluate.

A good basic question is, “What’s your plan to get your work done?”

But even before that, and then regularly after ask,

What is the work I’m doing? And where does it fit into my life? And how can I balance all the work I want to accomplish, and not fore-sake one?

All good questions. All might give a good indication of you’re really on-track. And more than that, if you’re in balance.

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