The Unexpected

A bunch in life might go in this category.

I think we humans crave stability as a result. Trying to create predictable, repeatable outcomes. But it doesn’t always go that way.

The numbers you thought were correct aren’t. People you work with get sick or otherwise are unavailable to help with an important project. There’s an unexpected downpour that hampers everything.

What can result? Anxiety, heightened heart rate, shallowed breath…maybe a little panic…maybe a lot…?

Here’s the double whammy in my little world recently:

our regular support person for distance learning was sick, so we had to scramble to support ourselves; while on the hook for work of our own;

and then on my work side, some reporting problems to deal with; and behind otherwise.

So what to do?

Often life doesn’t go as planned. And it’s in those moments where Calm, Patience, Focus and Perseverance are paramount.

When the expected happens, pause, take a few breaths, and get after it.

Addendum: The image included below was from my son’s learning screen, and a little song the teacher put up for the kids to have a little pause, a little break, with “The Penguin Song.” Kids need to pause too, sometimes.

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