2/5 3rd, 1/5 4th Quarters Break

Sunday Night Football.

As a kid I watched a lot of football. I like the game. I like watching, too. But so many other things have rushed to the fore over the years, decades, I don’t watch so much. Just not the time.

But Sunday night I tried to watch. Tried for a bit. Tried to disconnect from the endless flow of thoughts and troubles and everything in between…

And it worked for a little bit, but then,

Lego wrangling, dishes and then some more dishes, getting kids into pajamas, back in time for the two minute warning. Time with the kids, soak up what you get, all you get, don’t take long.

Welcome distraction, a little respite, but honestly, not much. Just below the surface, mind churning, problem-solving, considering, struggling to be home, present,

Did my best. Will again tomorrow. Will again tomorrow, a little better off maybe after 3/5 quarter football on Sunday night.

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