Funny word, ketchup. Tomato-based sauce used around the world.

And then there’s its alternate, catsup. Different word, same meaning.

Then there’s “catch-up” – as in being behind, then catching up with others, or the target quantity, or similar.

Today is Saturday, but I’m at work for a few hours to catch-up. More work than hours in the day, these days.

But tired too, many early mornings, longer days of late. Need to catch-up on some sleep too. Just a bit.

So rolled over for another hour or two first. A bit more shut-eye. A little less red eye. A little catch-up.

Not catsup. Not ketchup. Unless we have hot dogs later.

Just a little free association. Scribble down. About catch-up, to catch-up. GOOD.

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