Nature Finds A Way

“Nature finds a way.” This line from Jurassic Park rings true for me.

We humans, like most all of the 7.8 billion on the planet, don’t think much day-to-day about the natural world around us.

I don’t say this to disparage; life is busy and hard often times, so we likely are distracted a lot of the time.

But nature goes on around us. Even in our urban centers — like where I live — nature pushes and prods and finds room to insert.

Like the time my dogs somehow got a hold of a mother possum and it’s babies in our backyard.

[Rest Assured: The dogs didn’t hurt the possum family, and we were able to re-locate to a near-by park.]

Or it’s like the raccoons I see on occasion on pre-dawn walks in the neighborhood.

Or feral cats, or the song birds on our bird feeders or,

The hawk that flew into our tree Sunday morning. I think it was a Copper’s Hawk. Also known as a Chicken Hawk.

Whatever the name, whatever the circumstance, I love seeing wild creep into our human spaces. Good reminder that in the end, Nature wins. Nature finds a way.

Original Shot
Up Close

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