New Year’s Day Wander: Liv and Maddie, Bacon, Escoffier, and Bourdain

A gentle wander to begin the day, begin this new year 2021. Thus the day, the year began.

“Kids, let’s watch the New Year’s Day Parade…!”

“Ah Dad, we want to watch kids’ shows…”, and so it’s Liv and Maddie to start the day…

And then I’m thinking about making bacon…I’m in the kitchen…

I turn to Anthony Bourdain’s cookbook, “Appetites”, to check the oven temp for cooking bacon,

then read about Escoffier in Bourdain’s book (who knew!?)…didn’t know Escoffier’s name, or his primary role in French and high-end cuisine overall…

And then there’s some turmoil in the back of the house…my youngest, a little grumpy to start the day…

Then she comes out to the living room, Liv & Maddie help her mood shift up…

And the bacon? Well, it turned out pretty perfect.

Good start to the day, and heck, good start to 2021. I’ll take it. With GRATITUDE.

More on Escoffier here.

More on Bourdain here.

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