Lego City

Our middle child, our solo chico has become increasingly entertained with Legos. I was going to say “obsessed”, but I don’t think he’s quite there yet. But he certainly loves spending time with Legos. One collection is in / around the theme of Lego City.

Is so fun, heart-warming, even gratifying, to see him lost in play. He’s in this own universe in those moments, make-believe scenes in make believe worlds, with Legos far more specialized than when I played with them decades ago.

Maybe that’s just a parenting joy, watching kid in imaginative play. And maybe that’s a life lesson, too. Allow yourself to get lost sometimes. Maybe everyday. In a good way.

Lost in the work; lost in something that your brain really wants to, has to focus on.

Oh, and Lego City? It’s more than just plastic pieces. It’s a whole animated world and series created to entertain; and to teach some life lessons; and maybe sell some Legos, too.

If interested, read more on Lego City here:

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