Kids Do The Darndest Things

Freestyle flow, how does it go? Got kids, don’t ya know…

They’re so dialed in, some of the time, paying attention most all of the time.

Early morning up, blanket in the hall, that started this rant,

A couple more coming, to round out the chant.

“Dad I got no where to keep this stuff. How about your room, is that ok, you like the lava lamp, right? And this chair doesn’t fit in my room, but I really like it, how about you keep it?”

[End the rhythm, ain’t got the time. 🙂 ]

Particular habits and patterns and frustrations, all part of growing up, becoming an adult human. How to adjust and modify and focus your interests and energies, all good stuff.

Maybe that’s one of the best parts of being a parent: the simple, sustained intimacy of witnessing and helping your kids grow up.

It’s the darndest thing. Like that blanket in the hall.

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