Today’s her day, what to say? She poured herself out in a particular way.

Salt of the earth, that’s part of her core, foundation of family right down to the core.

She gave herself to us until we were grown, then shifted to pour herself into other work, ever caring for others.

She and Abe Lincoln share the day, what traits might they share along the way?

Patient, straight-forward, committed to right, believing and living that path as best she could; until she couldn’t in the same way.

Not cut down by bullet, ‘twas’ a stroke instead, the bullet a clot, into her head. And so struck down, but not out, she’s lived a third of her life a survivor; a stroke survivor; struggling to move and speak, but no shortage of love and belief in what’s right.

Would that I could be as stalwart as she, would that I could be as certain, and let that manifest as love for my children, as she has for us.

Still showing us the way somehow; still showing us enthusiasm, contentment when together, a simple belief in together, family first and together.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

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