The Creative Spark

Decades in, the one big area of “life” I turn my focus to now, turned it to a while back, the Creative Spark.

Maybe a luxury, having time and energy to pursue such endeavor, or is it rather, essential? Maybe not optional, but required, maybe that’s what it is; certainly in my life now, that seems to be the case.

It seems cast in stark terms, “I must do this before I die”…it seems sometimes that urgent. Though while I could die any day (like anyone), I should be around a few more decades, anyway.

All the same, I search. I find myself searching for the creative spark. How is that? It’s even just what I do in this blog space each day, putting it out there, something out there, the stream of thought. Does anyone care? That’s only part of the point.

The spark that comes to mind that I feel compelled to share, I just need to let it out; I need to put it out there, let the thought not to the ether, but to the internet instead.

Wander. Be. Out there. Thinking. Trying. Working. Experiencing. Sharing therein.

Look for the spark, then let it alight, and let it shine bright…!

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