A Fine Line

Often a fine line, the gray area, in between.

Therapy or Vice?

How do you cope?

Exercise, Eating, Substance Use, Gaming, on and on, you name it…anything that takes up your time, distracts you, helps you balance, provides comfort, or escape…or both. When is it ok? When is it too much?

Which is it? Vice if it’s harmful, Therapy if it’s “healthy”? Is it that simple?

What options do we have for coping, dealing with stress, struggles, what helps us go forward, mediate the day to day?

Choose carefully, choose wisely, and be open to adjusting as you go along. Remember, it’s the journey, and staying well along the way.

Let it be, may you be well.

One thought on “A Fine Line

  1. I think we are the determiners of this, right? We may have our opinions of what others are doing, but at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to make that call. Anything can truly be either.

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