What Does It Come Down To?

THIS. From @Pontifex. Francis. I have to say, he speaks for me. And I am grateful.

“”From the cross God reigns with the disarmed and disarming power of love. He continues to amaze our minds and hearts. Let us allow ourselves to be filled with that amazement. Let us gaze upon the Crucified One and say: “Truly, You are the Son of God.” You are my God.

Jesus’s cross is God’s silent throne. Let us daily contemplate his wounds. In those gashes, we recognize our emptiness, our shortcomings, the wounds of our sin. His wounds were inflicted for our sake, and by those wounds we have been healed.

The cross expresses love, service, unreserved self-giving: it truly is the “tree of life”, of overabundant life. “”

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