R.I.P. Roger Lud

He left a couple of days ago.

Three years and a couple months, three plus two since his kid brother, my father, passed on.

Roger Ludlum…our Uncle Rog…life-long resident of western New York. Le Roy. Caledonia.

He was a constant image of contentment, happiness, good times, family. I only spent a handful of times with him in my life….maybe half a dozen, maybe ten times we were together, and the last time, I can’t even remember when.

All that said, his image will always be burned into my memory, my soul, as a foundation of good. He had his personal challenges I know from stories told, he had some tragedies in his life…but in the not-so-often times I talked to him, he seemed a happy constant. Half full. Maybe a learned part of it from him.

One thing is for sure, for sure: He’ll always be a part of me. He’ll always part of what makes me beyond proud to call myself a Ludlum.

And now he and dad are together again…from Le Roy to now, now in the here-after.

GOD BLESS, Uncle Rog, and Rest In Peace.

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