Summer Season

Summer is just upon us and the kids are out of school. Last season we set up a tent in the back yard for a handful of backyard camp-outs. The plan is the same for this summer; maybe a few more nights even.

And as the kids have gotten bigger, it was time to upgrade the tent size too. And outfit the crew with full size sleeping bags. And bedrolls as well.

We are geared up now and good to go. Bring on the outdoor night sounds; bring on the breeze against the nylon walls; bring on the middle of night staring at the tent ceiling, when I wake up and consider how blessed I am to have these three kids in my life, to be their dad, to have this time, our time.

The pace changes a little for a couple months, the tempo and timing shifts, joy and a little freedom on the rise.

It’s summer season, it’s Tent Time, it’s OUR Time. Soak it up. GOOD.

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