Books Everywhere

I live with three little kids.

Our home is pretty small.

There’s a lot of stuff everywhere. I’d call it a moderately cluttered house.

And maybe like most people, I have waves of desire followed by action to clean up, reduce the clutter, except…

Except for books. Books everywhere. I like this. I want this. I want my kids to be surrounded by books, I want them to devour the stories, keep reaching for stories old and new.

I’m only a so-so reader; I have times of heightened consumption, but overall, pretty modest. I have friends who are reading all the time. Our oldest daughter, a ten year old, reads and re-reads near constantly; she’s much like her mother.

I love this.

I sat on the couch reading books with the two younger kids one morning recently. I read to them; they took turns reading. I love this too.

Books everywhere.


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