And Again, Follow The Muse

Recent piece on living a creative life; even if it’s not your profession, per se’, so important to find it and do it.

Example? An old school friend, actually through my brother. A tech professional by job, an artist by vocation, creative in both endeavors, I suppose.

He draws, doodles, paints, scribbles, whatever inspires him, I suppose, whatever he fancies in the moment, moments.

He found it early I think, this gift, this talent, and he’s good at it. And he shares it.

Lucky for us.

“Theo Croker, top talent out of the gate, #Trumpeter, 2021“
“Quick doodle of ‘someone’, 2016”
The muse in effect
“Chadwick Boseman, 2021”

Glad to be your orbit, Joe.

Find Joseph Arruda on IG handle:



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