Day in the Life

Not bragging or complaining, just sharing, a typical weeknight day in the life of yours truly when I’ve also got the kids with me. Therapeutic, you see, to share out, First World Schedule, Problems:

430a-530a: wake up, prayer;

530a-6a: get ready.;

6a-8a: work, home office;

800a: feed dogs, brief meeting with kids mom;

900a-330p: work, on-site;

400p: kids home;

430p-530p: work, home office;

530p-630p: make dinner; load of laundry;

630p-730p: eat dinner;

730p-800p: walk dogs;

800p-845p: bath tine for 2/3 kids; laundry out of dryer;

845p-930p: TdF highlights;

930p-950p: kid meltdown;

950p-10p: blog : – )

10p: bed.

WHEW…living the dream…believe it…GOOD.

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