JLud4 Summer Adventures 2021, Friday

Busy Morning,

House Meeting ran long,

Day got hotter,

Change of plans,

Second Rest Day,

Kids down to basics,

Finding some stride just as the week draws to close,

Disconnected, tho’ re-orientation looms, back to chase, grind, regular schedule, but can I,

Start anew,

in a new way?

Maybe that’s a lesson from the week (every week?), maybe there’s a common theme,

A guiding light,

adventure on, need not be on PTO to live, live each day, blended, true,

Little ideas bubble up, wee hours, one underlying theme keeps coming back,

Oh did I mention,

Tent in the yard all week?

Kids want to sleep in the tent all week, so we did,

Now almost to the end of adventure week,

A little more in store, maybe a lot, maybe every day, guided by?

What’s the rabbit out of the hat?

The common thread for the week,

every week, everyday,

every transition,







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