Inspiration, 3, TdF 2021

This rider, the solo participant of the “Alt Tour” this year.

Lachlan Morton. Professional cyclist for EF Education First rode an “alternate tour” this edition while the EF Tour team raced in the peloton, Morton rode the whole route along. Unsupported. Ate food he bought along the way. Slept in a sleeping bag on the ground. Rode the transfers too, including the final 400 km distance to Paris at the end.

And he beat the peloton to Paris.

Quite a feat. The unstoppable nature of the human spirit sometimes rises up. It did for Morton.

His effort, the man himself, inspired for sure.

And along the way, the ride has so far raised £359,501 in donations to World Bicycle Relief.

That’s inspired too.

Lift up. You never know what’s truly possible until you try.

Let’s GO.

Morton (far right), with his wife and father too, in Paris after the predawn arrival on the Champs Elysees.

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