Slow Day

After an Adventure Day, maybe a Slow Day is a good idea.

Nothing too fast, more pragmatic, low to the ground.

Each step taken without angst, expectation, trod on, one by one.

A little laundry, not finished,

A vacuum on the floor for a couple rooms,

Really hot, sprinkler runs on the front lawn, shorts wet, change in the doorway,

Park time, just a bit,

Hot dogs roast,

Dogs walk,

Fire drill (!) before bed,

17 check-ins before sleeping,

3 (?) fan complaints,

Then silence, then slumber,

Then alone, feeling alone, searching for the words to live by,

Striving for the words to live by, reaching, remembering, realigning to the purpose,

Reset for the week, reluctant for a bit, longer a little longer, then stretch,



Let’s go,

Thankful for a slow day.

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