Democracy, Low and Slow

Duties as assigned. Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters (ROV). Volunteering to get the vote in. The last mile. Election Night. 100 vote centers, 100 cars inbound with sealed ballot bags.

People meander in and out of the ROV building, dropping off ballots. Cars slowly creep through the parking lots. There’s a nice breeze.

I hang back, watching it all come together. More mulling about; sun sinking lower.

And when things get going here?

I’m a Floater. Story of my life. Like a rover in the secondary of a football defense. Ready to help keep things together, and help bring it all on, safe and secure.

Here’s how change happens; get involved a little; give your time; lend a hand. That’s how change happens.

Sounds like I’ll be wrangling some. Maybe end up on the road as a last minute courier.

As long as I’m home by Midnight, I’m good.

We’ll see how it goes.

If the work’s on-site, it might go like this:

Monitor the high schoolers collecting the binders and bags, keep the binders organized, maybe. Did we get Number 23 yet?

What are we getting?

*Sealed blue ballot bags

*Vote Center Binders

*The Key(s) In The Pouch In The Binder.

What does it all equal? Low and slow, that’s how it goes. Democracy.

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