We go through them all the time, transitions.


Lots of them: waking up, going from home to work or school, talking to family, to different family members, co-workers, strangers, coming home from work, making a meal, cleaning up after that meal…you get the idea. Transition.

Some people are good at them. Fluidly, flawlessly, they seems to move from this to that, smooth as silk.

Real talk, we never really know, because it’s in the head, it’s emotional, the easy or not so easy transition from this to that. Transition.

Being intentional and thoughtful and realistic can help. Being so can help smooth the bumpiness in your mind, smooth you through the transition.

Don’t over think it, but recognize the instance, the difference, the reality of what is, transition.

You might even start to enjoy it. You might even start to get good at it.


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