Strange Solace

Working in the warehouse today, standing in-between the looming racks of material,
pallets up high, down low, also looses boxes neatly stacked. I’m between PL1 and PL2.

Gray, rainy day outside, much needed rain for our drought-stricken state. The weather turned wet yesterday, and is expected to continue throughout today.

Near the location I’m working in the vast warehouse to stage material, there is an eight-inch pipe running
parallel one of the main beams that goes floor to ceiling.

When I was here early morning, I could hear the water from the rain on the roof running
down the pipe. Strangely soothing.

The gentle sound has persisted through the morning. It’s in the background, quite subtle, but steady, most welcome,

Welcome solace to the workday pace, heightened as year-end approaches.

Find a little peace, a little joy where you can, every minute, every day.

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