He Entered The Chaos

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of different people.

There’s the mostly secular perspective, well-meaning, general good will toward all and peace to all, some (or a lot) of gift-giving,

There’s the solstice dynamic, as nature begins its march through darkness to the light and warmth of spring, many many folks celebrate this period,

And of course, there is the religious perspective.

I think there are something like a billion Christians in the world; I’m one of them, it turns out. So this is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, when God entered the world, to live and die as a human.

On my best days I can enter the spiritual realm and wonder at the significance that Jesus brought to the world,

But most days, especially over the last couple of years,

It’s been pretty bumpy at times, sustained turbulence, many trials and lessons along the way,

And so this particular Christmas I think I celebrate God’s willingness and desire to enter into our chhuman experience. Indeed, more than two thousand years later,

We celebrate the divinity and mystery of The Almighty, born into the world to bring hope and joy and love to the whole of humanity, for ever more.

Happy Christmas!

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