Take It

Take the moment when you can, whenever offered, sneak a little in. What’s that, you say?

A little time for yourself, a little time for an errand, for that article you’ve been meaning to read, that piece you’ve been meaning to write.

Just a little time, a pause, sometimes all you need,

Unplanned, the chance, the choice to make it so, whatever it is, tweak the narrative, the plan, make it a little better, for you, maybe for others.

I find sometimes, often overwhelmed by it all, ebb and flow, more and more, how to go, forward, actions and thoughts, and purpose,

On purpose? Intentional, that’s how I want to live, and connected, how does it relate to the taking?

Much of it, the how and why, come down to taking the leap when given the chance, and lean in, and persevere, and forward ever forward,

Take it,


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