Draw The Line

So many different references this simple phrase represents; it all boils down to a parameter. That which you don’t want to cross.

Looking back to Monday, it was a company holiday, but I’d been thinking about doing a little work anyway as a primer for the week.

I resisted. I drew the line at working on a paid holiday, so decreed by my employer.

But lots to do, lots to do…then I think, I could work 24/7 and it’d still be a big hill to climb…so much, but also only so much to give for work, to the churning machine that never sleeps…

So I doubled down on kids time.

And I did a few things around the house; still plenty to do there as well; constant swirl it feels like there too.

And more kids time.

And now the weekend, another chance to draw the line; kids grow up fast, the time with them is precious, truly precious…and so draw that line for them.

Pretty happy about that line.

Pretty darn good.

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