Not Your Typical Sunday Motivator

Generally in recent times, I’ve mostly posted on Sundays around the theme of something spiritual, uplifting for the soul, etc. At least, that’s been the intent.

But this particular Sunday, it’s football playoffs — also considered spiritual and soulful by some — and though I’m not so much of that ilk, I am particularly fired up for the NFC Final —

The Los Angeles Rams versus the San Francisco Forty Niners. Oh BABY.

I’m a life-long Niner fan, having lived pretty well the whole of my life in the bay area.

And this particular game well, it takes me back decades to when the Rams and Niners were primary rivals, and I was a kid, and my grandpa cheered for the Rams (since he was originally from L.A.), and well,

…those were just simpler times it seemed. And Jack Reynolds, who’d played for the Rams for many years had gone to the Niners as the San Francisco club was on the rise — the Niners won two Super Bowls while he played for them —

And linebackers wore numbers in the 60’s (unlike today, mostly 50’s in the NFL) — and you know, those teams went to WAR. Lot’s of passion, overcoming adversity, playing hurt, dealing with pain, in the quest for sporting glory…

I guess some things never change : overcoming adversity, striving for glory, the basic life lessons of sport.


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