Guest Post: Sonnet 176 “The Gravity of Peace” by David Stanley

Funny thing, you can find connection and inspiration pretty much anywhere; you just have to be open to it. Case in point?

A few “dad connections” I’ve made on social media. And this guy in particular, a connection originally through a mutual friend (who I knew long before social media) — this guy Dave Stanley, who happens to be nearly on the other side of country; who happens to be a teacher; who also happens to be a writer and a dad.

I posted something last week about early morning solace…and he shared this one with me — so I asked him if I could share it here on the blog — he graciously agreed.

I gotta say, though I still love to sleep, the early morning silence well, there’s nothing quite like it. It’s magic for the taking, if only you seek it.

Enjoy the read, and see Dave’s twitter handle after the piece.

Dave Stanley’s Twitter Handle: @DStan58

Dave’s about me site:

Thus the day begins, better with silence…

Big Thanks, Dave, for letting me post this lovely sonnet, and timeless insight~~~

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