Black History Month 2022: Elevate Voices

I’ve realized more often of late that it’s not so much what I have to say that matters,

That I don’t need to come up with good ideas, insights, inspiration,

And that maybe it’s actually even more important to simply elevate the voices that need to be heard,

And to listen, really listen.

So let this month — Black History Month — be about that from my little corner of the ether; let that be the goal this month for this blog:


Let’s see what we can find and learn, together, from people living now and from the past like,

  1. Andre Leon Talley
  2. Amanda Gorman
  3. Al Sharpton
  4. Tyra Banks
  5. Sam Sanders, Zach Stafford, Saeed Jones
  6. Colin Kaepernick
  7. Steve Kerr & Jon Stewart
  8. Fredrick Douglass
  9. Whoopi Goldberg
  10. Jesse Jackson
  11. Jim Brown
  12. Billie Holiday
  13. Malcom X
  14. Clerow “Flip” Wilson
  15. Lena Horne
  16. Mahershala Ali
  17. Naomi Campbell
  18. John Lewis
  19. Sidney Poitier
  20. Desmond Tutu
  21. Fritz Pollard
  22. Alexander Hamilton
  23. Martin Luther King Jr.
  24. Jackie Robinson
  25. Halle Berry
  26. Danny Glover
  27. Mohammad Ali
  28. …and maybe others to add to this list…what say you?

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