Sending Cosmic Birthday Vibes

Sending cosmic birthday vibes to my mom, sending prayers, sending good. Her birthday today, 84 today, Amazing!, I say.

I left town in a rush, didn’t get a card out before, seems for me this is often the score. Playing it close, jamming things in to the very end, didn’t get it done,


I’ll take solace in this prayer, the predawn thoughts, the few moments to reflect and bundle that up into love sent across the miles, Cosmic Birthday Vibes flying over the distance between us,

I’ll sing her “Happy Birthday” when I call her from the road today, somewhere between the desert and the Bay Area,

“…Happy Birthday to you…!”

Thanks for everything, Mom,

Hope you’re happy with life, Mom,

You’ve soldiered on through it all, Mom,

A somehow steadiness I’m trying to emulate, educate myself on how to be, still to be, in this world,

I love you, Mom!

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