Black History Month 2022: Mahershala Ali

Haven’t seen him in any of his movies — a reflection of my poor time management vis a vis making time to see good films! — but I know he’s a trail blazer in his own right. A little younger than me, and from just up road, Oakland, California. Not only is he an actor, but a musician as well. Go man, GO!

Mahershala has been in plenty of films, and made his mark both as an actor and activist. Double up the challenges he’s experienced as a Black man, layer on his faith as a Muslim.

His North Star is clear though — he choose the high road, and making a difference where he can.

“Responsibility makes a man. It’s a choice. It rests in your hands. So, do you use the power in your hands to destroy…or to care?” ~~ Mahershala Ali

More on Mahershala’s history? Here.

A GREAT article for deeper perspective? Here.

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