Respect and Gratitude

In the midst of the violence and horror at the core of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I have to step back to express gratitude and a ton of respect.

For Volodymyr Zelenskyy ? Without question.

His whole leadership team, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian PEOPLE? For sure.

For the European countries that have rallied to the cause to support Ukraine? A resounding YES.


This simple post is meant to shout out from the roof-tops for the many journalists risking life and limb to bring the stories out of the conflict zone…

I want to express major respect and appreciate to the NPR journalists / correspondents — many of whom have “normal beats” here in the US, but also great international experience — getting back on the road, in a war zone, to do this important, vital work:

Ryan Lucas

Leila Fadel

Tim Mak

Rachel Martin

Lauren Frayer

Eric Westervelt

Ari Shapiro

Mary Louise Kelly

Joanna Kakissis

Eleanor Beardsley

Frank Langfitt

And anyone I have not listed here, all people supporting the stories, telling the stories, risking their own lives to bring the information out to the world in Ukraine, from Ukraine…



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