Dad Cure: Mind Stack

My daughter was thinking about a story we told at dinner; the story, it was a little scary, though not graphic, it was enough to pop into her mind again as she was going to bed.

We had also talked about cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a new box I brought home from the store earlier in the day.

As she worried over the scary story, I suggested she imagine the cinnamon bun, warm and dripping sugar on her breakfast plate the next morning, thinking this would help her stack her mind with good thoughts to go to sleep.

God bless her eight year old mind, she drifted off to sleep pretty quick there after.

Now this dad needs to take his own advise, and clear his mind of work and taxes and COVID tests, lingering symptoms, and a long list of other things to do, think if something pleasant to stack his own mind, clear it out to go to sleep.

Stack your mind with whatever’s good, and drift off to slumber sweet slumber,

Those sweet, dancing cinnamon rolls,

Come visit me, gently visit,


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