Rapid Fire, Thought(s) for Tuesday

I’ve been listening to NPR for the better part of 30 years; maybe even a few more than that.

I love the variety and quality of the content, the many different voices that make it a great and reliable source of news, insight, information.

Lately, these past three months now, with the war in Ukraine, I am repeatedly humbled by the reporting and stories from NPR coming out of the war-torn country. So SO many reporters, correspondents, the people I’ve come to know on the radio and trust, many many of them are doing reporting trips into Ukraine and the surrounding areas to bring listeners the latest and most accurate insights on the situation on the ground.

The stories make all the difference to insuring the world knows what’s happening, and hopefully building momentum to bring this conflict to an end.

So this post, another humble but sincere effort to express gratitude, appreciation to the NPR teams doing the reporting work, and solidarity with them and the people who are living (and dying) during this nightmarish time.

Thank You, in no particular or complete order, Frank, Brian, Tim, and so so many more.


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