We often encounter situations that we don’t expect and otherwise didn’t plan for.

Big or small, things happen.

It’s in these moments that our preparation and our personal character come to the fore.

I offer this reminder frequently. I remind my kids (and myself) that sometimes things happen we don’t expect; sometimes we’re caught off-guard; sometimes life isn’t fair.

It matters most how we respond in these moments of encounter. We don’t always get to choose what happens, but we ALWAYS get to choose how WE respond.

Everybody has these sort of choices every day. Show your inner strength and resolve and resilience and depth of character in these moments. Make that choice.

Case in point?

The other day the serpentine belt blew on the engine of my pick-up truck. Unplanned. Inconvenient. NOT what I wanted to deal with in the present – lots otherwise going on.

I didn’t get to choose the moment; but I did get to choose how I responded therein.

Frustration and emotions otherwise he,. Then I consider my options. I made a plan. And I went forward. That’s all I could do; that’s the best I could do.


Choose wisely.

Bonus! E-40 lyrics below~~~

E40, Choices

[Verse 1:]
Ever told on a nigga? (nope)
Ever squeezed a trigger? (yup)
Ever set a nigga up? (nope)
Ever helped a brother out when he was down on his luck? (yup)
You a sap? (nope)
You a boss player, you a mack? (yup)
Let me hold a couple dollars (nope)
Y’all still be poppin’ y’all collars? (yup)

Stock rims on a scraper (nope)
Paint wetter than a lake (yup)
Poodle in my blood (nope)
Bitch, I’m a thug (yup)
You a loser? (nope), Winner? (yup)
Starving? (nope), Dinner? (yup)
You still sell dope? (nope)
Now you cleaner than a bar of Dove soap? (yup)
Got a little gouda? (nope)
Got a thumper, got a Ruger? (yup)
You in love with’ the ho? (nope)
She bringin’ you the dough? (yup)
You gon’ cry if she leave? (nope)
You gon’ fly overseas? (yup)


Everybody got choices
I choose to get money, I’m stuck to this bread
Everybody got choices
These bitches is choosin’, I’m all in they head
Everybody got choices
Keep it 1, 000 the life that I chose
Everybody got choices
These niggas be hatin’, I already know
But I never go broke (no, no, no)
I’m a stay gettin’ money (yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I ain’t gotta sell my soul (no, no, no)
I’m a stay gettin’ money (yeah, yeah, yeah)
If you broke, you ain’t like me (no, no, no)
I’m a stay gettin’ money (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I give a fuck if you don’t like me (no, no, no)
I’m a stay gettin’ money (yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2:]
Ugh, lazy? (nope)
Got dick that’ll drive a ho crazy? (yup)
Hater? (nope), Wanna see a player get paper? (yup)
Traitor? (nope), Loyal to my soil, not a faker? (yup)
Sleep? (nope), Bust moves, hella active in the streets? (yup)
Scared of the dark? (nope)
Have money, have heart? (yup)
Narc? (nope), Shark? (yup)
Gossip like a broad? (nope)
Check a bitch like a smog? (yup)
Slippin’? (nope), Trippin’? (yup)
Sober as a gopher? (nope)
Higher than a rollercoaster? (yup)
Star Wars? (nope), Yoda? (yup)
Never leave the house without my strap (nope)
Shoot a muthafucka in his nap (yup)
Never been a sucka or a pussy (nope)
Blowin’ cookie, never coughin’ like a rookie (yup)


[Verse 3:]
Was it love at first sight? (nope)
Did she ride you like a bike? (yup)
Was it ripe? (nope), Was her pussy tight? (yup)
Got some property? (nope), Drive a Maserati? (yup)
You softer than a sock? (nope)
You solid as a rock? (yup)
Slow? (nope), Trained to go? (yup)
Your team weak? (nope)
You respected in the stree-neets? (yup)
Shallow? (nope), dickneep (yup)
Broke? (nope), Chi-neep? (yup)
Not a BB or a pellet gun (nope)
But a long barrel base drum (yup)
If I get into it will run (nope)
I’m a give a nigga fair one (yup)
Still live in the track? (nope) You ever go back? (yup)
Wear a wire and a camera? (nope) Ears to the scanner? (yup)


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Thanks to Marcos, Jessica Garcia, Mylasia for correcting these lyrics.

Writer(s): Clarence Hutchinson, Michelle Bell, David Losua, Earl Stevens

E-40 lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. “Choices (Yup)” lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.
Copyright © 2000-2017

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