Waiting Too Long, or Too soon? R.I.P. Mia

Maybe it’s human nature, avoiding things that are difficult, waiting longer than needed to do the undesirable. Or rushing to decide, to end the angst of try moment.

It’s probably always better to “get it out of the way”, do that thing you don’t want to do as soon as possible.

Unless…unless it’s ending the life of a struggling, suffering animal. Especially when it’s a beloved dog or other animal companion.

So hard for us to accept that reality sometimes; so hard to see reality right in front of our eyes.

Struggling, suffering or not, to what end? A few more hours? A couple days?

When does it go from being “for the other” to being “for ourselves”? When does delay function mostly to ease our own discomfort, struggle with letting go?

I sit in this darkened room, early morning, light creeping in under the curtains, considering this quandary; really it should not be. And it’s not, truth be told.

I watched her deteriorate over the last several weeks, Mia the dog, black lab from Arkansas, left alone with us after her sister departed earlier this year.

The kids saw the writing on the wall last night; all shouted agreement, it’s time for her to go be with her sister Zona in heaven, over the Rainbow Bridge.

And so in these final hours, we’ll say our last goodbyes, and then I’ll send her on her way.

Mia, happy, hopping, was for so long, now that spark extinguished.

The house missing a soul, missing a soul.

R.I.P. Mia.

One thought on “Waiting Too Long, or Too soon? R.I.P. Mia

  1. angelnipnip

    safe journey otrb 😥💔🌈🙏 Mia warmest love Jeff I’m so sorry ,our frurbabies❤️ our happiest hello’s our saddest goodbyes 😥🙏🌈

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