Habits & Patterns

Good habits make life easier and more predictable. Habits might lead to patterns.

Patterns might provide insight, reflect personality.

I like my blog entries to post at 1:13pm, 13:13 On the 24 Hour Clock. Silly habit I got into because I like the way it looks on the screen when I’m scheduling the post, 13:13.

What sort of habit is this? What pattern or insight might it reflect?

Silly 13 for me…says a couple things at least. First, it’s my simple way of taking something some people consider unlucky – 13 – and choosing to highlight it, and thus make less negative (in my mind).

Additionally, I like the symmetry of 13:13; I like symmetry in general. It pleases me; it gives me a sense of calm and order, for some reason.

And that’s it, just a little observation, a little share.

Any habits or patterns in your life worth reflecting on?

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