If It’s Quick…

“If it’s quick, fix it on the spot.”

It’s a good maxim to live by, in work, at home, in life.

At work recently, there was a long piece of wrap plastic hanging off a bunch of boxes, down to the ground. It was in a pretty tight aisle-way, where where we move material around em-masse on wooden pallets.

As I went by with such a pallet of other material, the corner of the stack I was rolling by caught on tue plastic wrap and nearly toppled over my load.

Fortunately I stopped in time to avert the crash out. Then I unhitched that plastic strip a d tucked it up out of the way so it wouldn’t happen again.

Simple story, easy fix. And that’s the point of this little snippet. If you see something wrong that you can easily fix, do it on tue spot.

Teach your kids to do the same. Little things make a big difference. Think clothes on the couch, socks on the floor, empty dishes on the table, toilet seat up, light left on in any empty room. It takes a moment to correct, tidy after yourself, make things a little better.

The better kids learn lessons when they’re younger, the more responsible they’ll be as adults, and as workers.

Home and work, how it goes at one is often how it goes at the other. They’re connected; at least that’s certainly my prevailing attitude.

Good practice of being responsible now and regularly at a young age as kids, that sense will carry on through to adulthood.

And at the workplace.

And in the warehouse where that loose plastic strip was easily fixed.

If it’s quick, especially if it’s quick, fix it.

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