Dirty Creative

The writer / producer / director Robert Rodriguez talks about living a creative life. When he talks about creativity though, it’s not just light, airy, lofty ideas about painting or making something otherwise from nothing.

In fact, maybe his true genius in the “darker, dirtier side” of creativity. The basic understanding / expectation that things aren’t going to go as planned, and we are well to respond with creativity to find solutions.

He’s got a lot of great ideas around this concept, many catch-phrases that express this philosophy like,

“…nothing ever goes according to plan…” or

“the job is that nothing is going to work, and how can you turn the situation into a positive…”, etc.

Funny thing, I jot these thoughts down in a darkened house in the early morning, after the power went out over night due to a storm.

So as the day begins, how can I turn this into a positive?

Let’s get creative!

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