Rudderless Facade

My life, pretty well defined after several decades in,

Work, family, friends, all blessed and typical, fortunate, mostly,

Love in many ways, love overflowing much of the time, somehow still feels undefined, rudderless, drifting,

Drifting through a few more decades and then my time is up, how will I define this time left, how will I find my way through this time left,

Scribble down such moments, insights, pieces of self, scribble down and share them out, this will no doubt be part of the way,

Day by day, this is my way, what I’ve come to, how I am, living each day, outwardly sharing my ups and downs, how I navigate,

Mediate the doubt, miss-steps, manage the moments, on at a time, best you can do, one at a time,

Not rudderless, only feels so, more subtle touch, feel to find the way, this is the way, rambled, jumbled, humbled, and forward again in life,

With one guiding light, a forever beacon even when I feel adrift,

Resilience, Fortitude, Optimism, these truths burn hot within me, melt away the uncertainly and blurry facade, and leave only one path,

Forward again.

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